Rachel M.

Alumnus at St. Bonaventure University

Class of 2017

Current: Jamaica, NY

Major: Political science

My top strengths are...

My top strengths are leadership and responsibility; these are two traits that shine the most in a work environment and other places. I lead well because i listen to the input of others in my team insuring that the common goal is solved quickly and efficiently.

A few of my life goals are...

A few of my life goals are to continue my education and head to graduate school with a vision. I want to travel around the world and immerse myself in the culture, the people and the food.

What connects me to my friends...

The first thing that came to my mind was curiosity. I find myself, along with my friends questioning a lot of issues in society and looking for answers when it is not given to us. We are interested in learning the diverse culture, custom of others. In addition to that, we are candid music lovers and lovers of laughter.

I feel most alive when...

I feel most alive when i help others and i see smile on their faces. Helping others is a selfless act and i enjoy doing service for others. I also feel most alive, as I'm writing this, listening to the music of my homeland, Haitian music. I love the feeling i get when i listen to it.

I'm passionate about...

Enjoying Walks in Nature Listening to Music Reading Knitting Volunteering and Giving Back to the Community Girl Power
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