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Posted on February 19, 2018

Hats off and high fives are in order… Official results for #BonaGivingDay are now tallied and the word “awesome” certainly describes members of the Bona Nation and their willingness to remember their Bona roots and today’s students! More than $387,000 was raised during the 24-hour giving blitz on Feb. 8, setting a record for the greatest number of online gifts received in one day and the largest online daily gift total in the history of the university. The more than $387,000 represents 947 total gifts, with 81 first-time donors, 122 young alumni donations, and 13 new members to the $1,000+ Devereux Giving Societies. The Giving Day also set new record totals for online giving in one day, generating 889 online gifts worth more than $170,000. Thank you, Bona Nation, for “Rising to the Challenge” and helping today’s Bonnies with a gift to The Bonaventure Fund during the third annual #BonaGivingDay! To Learn more>>

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