Nidhi C.

Alumnus at St. Bonaventure University

Class of 2017

Current: Aurora, IL

Major: Biology

My Schedule:

Monday: 1pm - 4pm
Wednesday: 1pm - 2pm

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My top strengths are...

I've been told that I'm a wonderful listener! I've also been told I'm quiet enough to be a ninja so I've got that going for me too. I can go from listening to a friend at their worst to being absolutely crazy with them at their best.

A few of my life goals are...

I hope to become a physician in the future. Recently I've been leaning towards the business/administration side of medicine so I'm hoping I can head towards that track in medical school or get an MBA in the future. But my biggest life goal is to be able to visit Europe and Japan!

What connects me to my friends...

I am kind, caring, thoughtful, and listen to everyone and make sure that no one feels left out because that's a horrible feeling. That may be why people first start to be my friends, but they continue to be my friends because of how crazy I can get, be it through music, tv shows, movies, etc.

I feel most alive when...

I feel most alive when I can work with people directly and see that any advice I give them actually does help them. It makes me so incredibly happy when I hear that I was able to help them, in any way big or small! I also feel most alive when I'm surrounded by all sorts of dogs, cats, and babies but who doesn't.

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